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Yenista Optics expands tunable product range at ECOC



Yenista Optics, a manufacturer of fiber-optic test and measurement equipment, will introduce a new high-power tunable laser, the TUNICS T100S-HP/CL, and new tunable filters with wide bandwidth adjustment ranges, the XTM-50/W and the XTA-50/W, at ECOC 2012 on September 17—19, in Amsterdam. The products will be showcased in live demos at booth #424.

The TUNICS T100S-HP/CL laser provides an output power of at least 10 dBm over the whole tuning range from 1500 to 1630 nm. It guarantees a signal-to-source spontaneous emission ratio (SSSER) higher than 90 dB. Changes in the laser’s external cavity design have enabled a significant increase in the output power and stability without any compromise on other specifications, the company says.

Yenista’s XT-type flat-top optical tunable filter range also expands to include wide-bandwidth options: XTM-50/W and XTA-50/W (where “W” stands for “wide”). This option increases the maximum achievable bandwidth to 3 nm, and offers bandwidth adjustability from 50 pm (6.25 GHz) to 3000 pm (375 GHz) with very sharp filter edges (500 dB/nm). 

The filters cover the 1520- to 1570-nm wavelength range and have an insertion loss of less than 5 dB in combination with a top flatness of 0.2 dB. Yenista Optics XT-type filter range already includes a Standard version with a bandwidth of 50–800 pm and an Ultrafine version allowing a bandwidth of 32–650 pm with steep edges of 800 dB/nm.

For more information on test equipment and suppliers, visit the Lightwave Buyer’s Guide.

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